A wonderful array of books for parents to share with their children are noted in this post.

Its Ok to make mistakes

A recent book, “It’s Okay to Make Mistakes” by Todd Parr (Little, Brown, 2014) is an admirable example.  In his vivid and colorful style, Parr lets kids know that making mistakes helps you learn. “It’s okay to fall down…You can always get back up.”   This is my favorite pick in the genre.


Another dynamic new book, “In My Heart — A Book of Feelings,” by Jo Witek (Abrams, 2015) features a heart-shaped die-cut cover.  This board book explores the range of emotions felt in our hearts.  Toddlers will love this enjoyable book about a wide range of feelings including shyness, happiness, anger and pride.

in my heart

There are so many great backlist titles, and I’ll mention a few personal favorites.

Books about individual fears, such as “Wemberly Worried” by Kevin Henkes (Harper Collins, 2010) deals with Wemberly the worrywart and everything and anything that could go wrong at school.  She meets a new friend with the same temperment.  At the book’s end, a tentative, but somehow reassuring “Wemberley worried.  But no more than usual.  And sometimes even less.”

Wemberly Worried

I’m not scared!” from Jonathon Allen (Boxer Books, Sterling, 2014) is about navigating the dark night and being brave, a reassuring tale.

i am not scared

And finally, the all-encompassing “Great Big Book of Feelings” by Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2013) is an excellent book for parents and children alike, covers the entire range of emotional experiences.  The book opens with the question “How are you feeling today?” and then explores a multitude of feelings including embarrassed, lonely, safe, jealous, happy.  This book creates a dialogue, and encourages reader and child to discuss their emotions.

Great Big Book of Feelings

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