Happy Dad’s Day!!

why I love my dad     if my dad were an animal

A few titles to delight kids and Dads… “Why I Love My Dad” (Little Bee, 2015) is an adorable interactive book. It’s a simple and funny story that you can personalize with photos.  There are pages to fill-in the favorite things you and Dad most enjoy.  You create your story with Dad.

For a kid’s perspective of what animal their Dad would be, try “If My Dad Were an Animal” (Little Bee, 2015).  Would he be “stylish” like a penguin, or “wise” like an owl?  The lovely illustrations evoke a pleasant story.


My all time favorite: “Papa, please get the moon for me” (Simon & Schuster, 2015) has just come out in a sturdy paperback version complete with a CD.  This wonderful classic has Monica wanting to play with the moon and her father sets out to get it for her.  The pages unfold upward and outward in this extraordinary gorgeous book as Dad does his best to deliver the moon to his daughter.  You must experience this book with your child to understand how enchanting it is.  I recommend it for any time of the year, and it’s also a brilliant bedtime book.

Happy Father’s Day!!

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