Books with holes are always fun.  There are two outstanding new titles and one fabulous classic worth noting.

no such thing as little

The new book “There’s No Such Thing as Little” (Knopf, 2015) has every component you’d want in a picture book.  Aside from the die-cut holes which always make it more fun for kids, the story has many important messages.  Anything “little” turns out to be more “fantastic” and “unique” then you could imagine.  While “a little gift” turns into a glorious illustration with children representing all nationalities, it becomes “a gift of love.” The book promotes self-esteem.  “Amazing, wonderful, incredible ME” is the final line.  Wow, this is a special book to read to kids.

outstanding in the rain

Another new title that’s very clever is “Outstanding in the Rain, A Whole Story with Holes”  (Little, Brown, 2015).  This picture book is more sophisticated.  It’s a rhyming book that captures a boy’s birthday at Coney Island.  The fun comes when “ice cream” I say, my birthday surprise” goes on to the next page to reveal “Oh no! I scream with tears in my eyes.”  Each turn of a page has a new meaning for an oronym (two words that sound alike but have different meanings).  In his vibrant retro artwork, Frank Viva sets up a smart challenge for parents and kids.

big green monster

Finally, an engaging old favorite.  A perfect read-aloud, is “Go Away Big Green Monster” (Little Brown, 1992).  Your kids will love chasing away the bedtime monster.  As the big green monster grows page to page — the excitement builds until the final pages have him disappear.  Kids love the end result, “Go away BIG green monster.  And “don’t come back, until I say so.”  This book is a classic, and one of the most enjoyable childhood experiences.

Holey-Moley — have a great time with these unusual and delightfully illustrated books!!

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