Missing Book Mysteries

Two terrific picture books requiring detective work…

where are my books

A just published title — “Where Are My Books” (Simon & Schuster, 2015) is a wonderful book about Spencer who loves to read every night.  One morning he finds his favorite book missing.  This goes on for days until his shelves are empty.  Spencer goes on a mission to solve this missing book mystery.  As he searches everywhere — asking his mom and dad and even baby sister — he finally discovers that the squirrels had taken all of them.  “Spencer didn’t know squirrels like to read,” but he came up with an admirable plan.  He lets the squirrels “borrow” his books, but there would be rules — just like the library where the books can be taken out, but must be returned.  With simple lively illustrations, this book should not be missed.


A charming read-aloud is “Snatchabook” (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2013).  All the animal families in the woods enjoy their bedtime reading ritual.  Before long all the books have disappeared from their homes.  Eliza the rabbit must figure out the book stealing mystery.  She stays awake to catch the culprit.  She finds that a shy creature named “Snatchabook” had snatched all the books.  He confessed that no one would read to him or share a book.  “All’s well that ends well” when the books are returned and the animals take turns reading to “Snatchabook.”  The enchanting rhyming text and the story about the love of reading is simply irresistible.

Mystery solved — two arresting books to read!

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