Artistry Abounds

These three outstanding picture books entice your child into a creative and innovative art experience.  They promote imagination and the budding artist in every child.


How to Draw a Dragon” (Beach Lane, 2015) is Douglas Florian’s newest book and highlights his poetry and brilliant illustrations.  The simple rhyming text and kid-like drawings come with instructions: “Drawing dragons isn’t hard.  Drag a dragon in your yard.”  Explaining the use of vivid color, Florian writes: “Dragon fire has reds and yellows, and it’s good to toast marshmallows.”  This is a vibrant book with a fun surprise fold-out at the end.

my pen 9781423103714

My Pen” (Disney Hyperion, 2015) by Christopher Myers uses black and white illustrations to explain “all you need is your imagination.”  This inspirational book explores all the possibilities a pen can do.  The artist worries about war and “then tells everyone I love that I love them.”  This very creative and inventive book closes with “Let those worlds inside your pen out!”  It’s a shout out to everyone to try their hand at drawing.

DRAW 9781442494923_9781442494923

Draw!” (Simon & Schuster, 2014) by Raul Colon is an exquisitely illustrated wordless book.  A boy who is confined to his bed reads about Africa and begins to create his own safari adventures.  With his sketchbook he draws African landscapes complete with lions and zebras, and even a rhino who charges at him.  The boy’s fantasy which he cleverly develops into art is very intriguing.  This wordless book lets your child use their imagination to create their own story.  It’s a gorgeous book.

1 thought on “Artistry Abounds

  1. Karen Conner

    I love the books about feelings, and I wish they had been around when my kids were young. So often, we as parents, don’t know how to channel all the conflicting feelings our children are riddled with. It’s important to convey that these feelings are normal and a natural part of being a child and growing up. These books help a child process these feelings as a normal occurence, and not something that makes them weird or hateful people.



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