Emotions Emerge

There are always a bounty of feelings books.  Here are four new ones to note…

pom pom

Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps” (Penguin, October 2015) has the lead character wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  Things go awry, and then they get worse.  Pom Pom goes to the playground to play with his friends, but his mood is so dark that he screams at them to, “Go away!”  And they do.  Pom Pom suddenly feels regret, and finds his friends.  He says he’s sorry, and all is forgiven — they all play together.  The author’s illustrations are simple and fun, and will surely provide laughs for kids and parents alike.

big fears

Sixteen children in alphabetical order reveal their feelings in “The Little Book of Big Fears” (Owl Kids, August 2015).  The rhyming text conveys their fears.  Some are silly and others are creepy. In an unusual twist, the author reveals letters that were skipped in the text that spell out “G-u-t-s-y & B-r-a-v-e.”  This is the author’s lesson. This book veers for an older (ages 4-7) audience.

fun book scary stuff

The Fun Book of Scary Stuff” (Farrar Straus Giroux, August 2015) is a very humorous take on common fears.  A boy and his two dogs reveal what frightens them.  He makes a list of all the “scary things,” and then the brave dogs give the boy reassurance why these things are not frightening at all. The illustrations are lively and engaging.  At the conclusion, the boy and his dogs all reveal they are scared of the dark.  The boy comes to the rescue, and turns on the light.  The dogs feel the boy is heroic.  This is an adorable book and a great read-aloud.

Wild Feelings

Another amusing and entertaining picture book just published is “Wild Feelings” (Henry Holt, August 2015).  The cover sets the mood and shows a “mad” boy in a lion costume losing his temper.  Other feelings conveyed by the dressed-up children include “stubborn,” “sad” and “lonely.”  The author intimates that everyone, even adults, can be overwhelmed by emotions.  “It’s only natural.”   This comforting book let’s kids know that all these sentiments are normal.  The original and playful illustrations make this a great choice for kids.




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