Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me

Words can definitely be hurtful as addressed in two humorous new picture books.

Little Bird Bad Word

Little Bird hears Papa Bird say a new word when he accidentally drops his lunch.  In “Little Bird’s Bad Word” (Feiwel & Friends, July 2015) Little Bird repeats the word to Frog and Turtle and all his friends.  They are all very offended.  Little Bird doesn’t realize that some words can be unkind.  Papa must teach him a new special word — “sorry” — to apologize to his friends.  This is a delightfully simple book to teach a child about inappropriate words.

daddy said a word i never heard

An amusing take on bad language is in “Daddy Said a Word I Never Heard” (Little Brown, November, 2015).  Daddy bangs his hammer on his hand and utters a bad word.  Daddy falls off the boat and screams another unacceptable word.  His daughter goes to school and doesn’t like her drawing.  She gets upset and repeats one of Daddy’s words.  Her teacher is aghast, and pulls her aside to tell her she has used an upsetting word.  When she gets home her parents must explain to her that she can use other words such as “I’m not happy” or “I’m feeling blue” instead of repeating Daddy’s offensive words.  She agrees “to use all the good words I’m learning at school.”  As the cover says “Kid Safe—Contains No Actual Obscenity!”  It’s a playful rhyming book to help kids navigate sticky situations.


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