Welcome 2016 — A Few Favorites from 2015

If you follow my blog, you have a sense of the kid’s books I am eager to share.  Taking a look back at the tremendous and wonderful titles that debuted in 2015, I’d like to highlight a few.

Product Details    Product Details  Product Details

Product Details

  • Sweetest picture book was “Waiting.”  Enough said.

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  • Most helpful book for parents and caregivers: “The Goodbye Book.”   This is an exceptional sensitive and honest book dealing with death.

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  • Enlightened stories.  “Lenny and Lucy” approaches the uneasiness of moving and overcoming fear and worry.  “Last Stop on Market Street” is a stunning book.  It’s a tale of cross-generational bonding and finding beauty in what you have.  “The Snow Rabbit” is a gorgeous, wordless tale revealing two sisters, one in a wheelchair, and a rabbit who they rescue and befriend, who in turn, saves them.

Stay tuned for 2016 outstanding picture books.


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