Two New Animal Books to Navigate


Listen to our World” (Simon and Schuster, March 2016) is an engaging and beautifully illustrated book.  It happily begins with Mommy saying good morning to her children and “Can you hear the sounds of our world?” There are lush pictures of animals playfully occupying their habitats.  Each page is dedicated to an animal family, and their sounds (e.g. parrots squawk; monkeys shout Eeee…Eeee; alligators snap their jaws; and penguins waddle).  Children will love to say the sounds aloud over and over again.  Mommy says goodnight in the end, followed by a wonderful summary of the animals presented in the book.  The various ecosystems are rendered in subtle hues of blue and green.  This new book will delight toddlers.

opposite zoo

Another lovely new animal picture book is “The Opposite Zoo” (Random House, March 2016).  It’s night time and dark, and the zoo has closed.  The monkey’s door is open, and off he goes to visit the other animals.  The owl is “Awake!”  The panda bear is “asleep…” The giraffe is “Tall,” while the pig is “short,” and so forth.  This simple book of opposites is very pleasing visually, and witty as well.  It makes learning opposites a delightful experience.




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