Formerly grumpy, now grinning!

Product Details

The Cranky Ballerina” (Harper Collins, Aug. 9, 2016) is a wonderfu new book that examines anger and related emotions.  These are acceptable feelings, especially when they can be parlayed into a positive outcome.  Ada despises ballet.  She is forced to go to class every Saturday.  Her leotard is too tight, and her tutu is scratchy.  She does not like to practice.  In class one day, she attempts a pirouette, and twirls right out of the door.  She crashes into a man dressed in “some kind of pajamas.”  He asks Ada to demonstrate her jumps and spins for his class.  Everyone is amazed.  The teacher explains that it’s a karate class.  Ada cracks a very wide smile!  Next Saturday she will join karate class.

Dragon Was Terrible

An amusing new picture book coming out soon is “Dragon was Terrible” (FSG, Aug. 23, 2016).  This dragon is really BAD — he scribbles in books, crushes flowers and throws sand.  He is an awful menace.  The King posts a sign calling all “brave knights” to tame the terrible dragon.  Numerous knights show up, but each one fails.  The dragon becomes worse.  Next, the villagers try to tame the dragon.  Failure again.  Suddenly a boy steps in with a plan.  He lays out a trail of marshmallows that lead the dragon to where he’s sitting under a tree.  The boy begins reading a story about a wonderful brave dragon in a very loud voice.  The dragon pretends not to listen, but is mesmerized by the story.  The clever boy asks the dragon if he would enjoy hearing the end of the story and the dragon smiles with such glee!  The boy tames the dragon, the villagers and King cheer, and he’s glad to make a new friend — a nice dragon.  Everyone will delight in this humorous and insightful book!

Look for these two very hysterical books coming out in August.  Parents and children alike will be laughing out loud!!

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