Bossy Bullies Behaving Better


Eddie the Bully” (Little Bee, Aug.21, 2016) is a mean and awful bully.  He calls his classmates names — “loser,” “fat,”and “average.”  He is so offensive that no one wants to sit near him or play with him.  All his teachers give him “time outs.”  One day a new student joins the class and is assigned a seat next to Eddie.  All the kids hold their breath. As Eddie prepares to cut Carla down, she turns to him and exclaims “I love your sweater; I can tell you have a great fashion sense.”  Carla continues complimenting Eddie and he notices the whole class staring at him.  He suddenly feels awful.  He wishes he hadn’t been so cruel.  Carla adores Eddie, and he begins to feel like a new person.  He smiles!  He becomes a good friend to all.

Bossy Flossy

Another similar and unpleasant character is “Bossy Flossy” (Henry Holt, July 19, 2016). She is very domineering towards her friends, her cat, and even her teacher.  Flossy cannot understand why no one will listen to her.  A new student named Edward meets Flossy.  He is very bossy even to Flossy.  She gets very angry and exclaims: “You are not the boss of me,” to which he replies the same.  They argue over and over.  Neither of them comprehend why no one will listen to them.  Edward calls a truce.  He tells Flossy he will stop if she stops.  She agrees.  They learn to play together and with others.  A great book to encourage a tempering of dreadful behavior!

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