Sweet and Sour Siblings

Babies Ruin Everything

In a very entertaining book, “Babies Ruin Everything” (Imprint, July, 2016), big sister is not fond of her new baby brother.

She complains “He can’t throw a frisbee.” “He can’t stand on one foot,” and on and on.

She begs her mom to send him back.  She even has to share her room with him.  The illustrations and text are hysterical!

She finally admits, “It suddenly occurs to me that maybe this baby just needs a better sister.”  She decides to teach him things and concludes, “This baby is pretty darn smart.  It’s clear he knows that I’m the greatest sister in the world.”  This engaging and very amusing book will be fun for everyone.

In “Monkey Not Ready for Baby” (Knopf, Sept. 6, 2016), the story revolves around Monkey — who has to prepare for the new arrival.  He is not pleased with the prospect of becoming a big brother.

His parents and big brother help him get ready.  He goes with his mom to the doctor and feels the baby kick.  He helps his dad build the crib.  The whole family goes to the baby store to buy the essentials they need for the new arrival.  Dad says: “What babies need most is love.”

It’s a sweet ending where Monkey holds his new baby sister in his lap.

This book is written and illustrated by Marc Brown of “Arthur” fame.

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