I love Autumn

Crisp air.  Long shadows.  Colors turning.  Who doesn’t love Autumn?

Vivid and striking illustrations in “Wonderfall” (HarperCollins, 9/6/16) provide the backdrop for this dynamic picture book.  The story follows a particular tree through the changing of the seasons.  The clever combined words “plentiFALL” and peaceFALL” title the pages, and are followed by simple text.  We see animals, and people, and holidays all preparing for winter.  “Wonderfall” is informative as well, offering at the end, further illumination and facts on how animals get ready for winter and, eventually, “Snowfall.”  This is an extraordinary work.

Bella’s Fall Coat” (Hyperion, 9/6/16) is a delightful story about a young girl passionate about all things related to autumn.  She wishes for the season to linger on and on.  Bella has a wonderful fall coat that her endearing grandmother made her, but sadly she has outgrown it.  When she falls asleep, she “dreamed of her favorites – bright orange leaves, crisp, juicy apples.”  Her grandmother works through the night on a new coat for Bella. She awakes to a snowy day, and a brand new beautiful coat.  She even finds a place for her old treasured coat — on the snowperson she creates!

Image result

In “Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn” (Henry Holt, 8/16/16), a girl walks out of her house to embrace nature as the fall season begins. She strolls through the forest saying hello to all the animals and butterflies.  She stops at the pond to greet the beavers and chipmunks. They all answer back as they prepare for the coming winter.  She rambles through a field of flowers, and then into town looking for signs of the new season.  The illustrations are lovely, and the color palette suggests warm fall colors.

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