A Sweet Knight and a Dastardly Dragon

My favorite picture book of the season is “The Story Book Knight,” (Sourcebooks, October 2016).  It’s the story of Leo, a small bookish knight.  His parents send him off to fight the “ENORMOUS” dragon and save the kingdom.  Leo brings many books on his long journey.  On his way to fight the dragon, he confronts other antagonistic creepy creatures.  Instead of attacking a frightening griffin and a hungry troll, Leo reads them books.   Because these villains are so vain, he tells them that they are featured in the stories.  He leaves them each a book as a gift, and they are grateful.  When he finally encounters the very, very scary dragon he exclaims, “Don’t worry!  I haven’t come to fight.  I’ve got the most amazing books with loads of dragons in it.”  The dragon is thrilled and calms down.  The last page says it all, “He doesn’t have to fight at all.  He’s left in peace — to read.”  And all the evil characters are turned into docile readers.  Lesson learned.  The enchanting and colorful illustrations make this a most engaging and fun picture book.

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