Touch, Shape & Build

Give and Take

Give and Take” (Candlewick, September 2016) is a hands-on board book featuring opposites that is simple, educational and colorful.  On each page, you press out a shape and go on to the next page to complete a new picture.  When you get to the end, you follow the path back to the beginning.  Kids will love to make the shapes again and again.  The die-cut peices help develop fine motor skills, and focus on learning shapes and their opposites.  The illustrations are bold, and the book is very sturdy.


A new book with numerous flaps and surprises is “Box. What Would You Do With a Box?” (Nosy Crow, August 2016).   A group of kids use their imaginations to come up with amazing objects they invent with boxes.  The creative possibilities are endless as your kids lift the flaps, and discover the ingenuity and artistry playing with boxes.  The illustrations are delightful.  This wonderful book encourages inventiveness.


The “Touch and Explore” (Twirl, August 2016)  series are incredible sensory books for kids. In addition to the textural element, there are plentiful facts lying underneath the flaps.  In the newest book, “Baby Animals,” the child can feel the fur of a baby polar bear, and the coat of a baby horse.  The book explains where these babies live, which drink milk, and which hatch from eggs.  I highly recommend this series for their tactile and factual details. It’s such great fun!


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