Children of the World

Two very different picture books, both inspiring and relevant.

“The Barefoot Book of Children” (Barefoot Books, October, 2016) is a wondrous book about children all over the world.  It begins: “Every morning, millions of children open their eyes and start another day.”  The opposite page has 21 pairs of eyes of every  color and shape. The first part of the book has lovely illustrations with simple text describing children from around the world.  The second half of the book navigates the reader through lifestyle specifics around the globe.  It describes diverse homes, clothes, hobbies, work, food, languages, holidays, and faiths.  This book encourages thoughts and discussions.  The illustrations are straightforward and bright.  I endorse this book to children of all ages to be inspired and engaged.

A very unusual and artistic picture book is “What is a Child” (Tate/Abrams, September, 2016).  Also an over-sized format, the book has text on one page and an illustration opposite it.  It begins: “A Child is a small person.  They are only small for a little while, then they grow up.  They grow up without even thinking about it.”  The pictures are vibrant and dynamic. Some are silly, and many are witty, and they represent a medley of kids.  This stands out as an expressive art book in which each child is unique.

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