Siblings in the Snow


“Pigloo”  (Henry Holt, October,2016), is an explorer.  He is determined to make it to the North Pole.  His big sister Paisley is discouraging.  Pigloo knows he must be brave and patient to be an explorer.  With humorous text and adorable illustrations, this book is about a big sister helping her baby brother follow his dreams.  And they don’t even have to leave their backyard!

How to Build a Snow Bear

Another new sibling snow book, “How to Build a Snow Bear” (FSG, September, 2016), is about two brothers.  Thomas wants to build the “biggest and best snowman ever.”  He tries his best, but he needs some assistance.  He tries to wake his little brother who is already dressed, and thinks he’s a bear.  Thomas tries everything to wake up his brother. He sings, he tickles — nothing works.  He decides to bake the “bear’s” favorite treat — chocolate chip cookies, and the smell lures him out of bed.  Then, they bundle up, go outside, and make their snowman.  The little brother has brought two cookies with him and uses them to make the snowman’s ears.  They have created together, the “biggest, best snow bear ever!”  They play together until dusk, and go inside for cocoa and a favorite book. This is a sweet book about two brothers.

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