Wonders and Dreams

Everywhere, Wonder

Everywhere Wonder” (Imprint, 2/17) begins with “I have a story to share —You never know what you might see or where your mind might take you.  So keep your eyes wide open as you go.”  We start on a journey with our narrator and guide, a young boy.  He encourages us to explore the jungles of Brazil, the Arizona canyons, the pyramids in Egypt.  After visiting the North Pole we return home to discover stories and beauty in everyday things.  The illustrations are simple, yet colorful and engaging.  This is a wonderful book for all ages that stretches the imagination and allows the reader to create their own stories and adventures.

If i had a little dream 9781481439244 hr

A lovely sweet new picture book “If I had a little Dream” (Simon & Schuster, 2/17) has an inspiring theme.  The illustrations are whimsical and dreamlike.  Like “Everywhere Wonder,” this book also suggests that the world is full of possibilities.  Each page is a rhyme “If I had a little Book, I would name it Friend.  Friend would go wherever I went our story would never end.”  The enchanting drawings and exquisite words make this book a treasure to share.


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