Funny Fare for Summer Fun


A very amusing reimagining of The Prince & the Pauper,  “The Prince & the Porker”  (Abrams, 3/17) is laugh-out-loud.  Pignatius the pig who adores desserts ends up in the palace kitchen.  He then makes his way into the princes room where he tries on his wig and clothing.  The servants mistake him for the prince and he eats to his heart’s content.  Then the real prince returns.  He decides to let the pig stay and be his double.  The prince gets out of an awful weekly event when he sends the pig in his place.  The illustrations are fabulously funny!


XO, OX A Love Story,” (Roaring Brook Press, 1/17) is a delightful one-sided love story between a besotted ox and a graceful conceited gazelle.  The letters back and forth are written with a wry sense of humor.  The illustrations are hilarious.  It’s hard to describe how funny this book is, but it will bring a smile and a chuckle to all kids and adults alike.


The tale of “Raymond” (Candlewick Press, 5/17), “an ordinary dog, for a while, led an extraordinary life.”  This dog loves his family, and they adore him back.  One day when the family leaves the house for the day, Raymond ventures out into world.  Within days, he begins to act “more like a human.”  He spots “Douge” magazine at the newsstand and goes to interview for a job there.  Raymond becomes a reporter and begins to excel at it.  At night when he returns home to his family he writes on the computer and “he worked himself to the bone.”  He becomes a newscaster on “Dog News.”  Raymond eventually becomes overwhelmed and misses his old life.  He finally returns home to live a “dog’s life.”  The illustrations are simple and wonderfully humorous!

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