A Funny Backwards Story


I was recently sitting with a 3-year old who was very proud of the fact that he could recite the alphabet backwards.  When I showed and read to him “An Alphabet Story Z-to-A — Z Goes First” (Imprint, 5/18), he was shocked that someone already had his very idea.   It begins with a simple notion, “The letter Z was tired of being last in the alphabet. She wanted to go first.”  The humor will appeal to adults and children alike —“Z didn’t show off.  Neither did Y.  In fact, Y didn’t even mind being called both a consonant and a vowel.  Come on, Y.  Let’s go to the front,” Z said. Why?  Because it’s boring at the end, and X is always cross.”  The journey continues as they meet up with each seemingly crazy and wacky letter.  This book is clever, colorful and great fun to read aloud.

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