A preview of potent and persuasive (soon to be published) books to pursue…

Entering 2021 with some exciting and engrossing books to recommend…

The Push, by Ashley Audrain, (Pamela Dorman Books, 1/21). WOW! I could not put this book down. I read it in one day. It is a provocative look at motherhood. This novel is an absorbing and compelling thriller. It’s riveting from beginning to end.

When the Stars Go Dark, by Paula McLain, (Ballantine, 4/21). The main character is a missing persons detective who returns home after a personal tragedy. Unfortunately, upon arrival she learns that a local girl has gone missing. Our protagonist detective gets pulled in. This is a very satisfying mystery/thriller.

We Run the Tides: a Novel, by Vendela Vida, (Ecco, 2/21). I could not wait to read this book as Vida is one of my favorite authors. As usual she did not disappoint. She poignantly portrays a story of childhood friendship and girlhood. A very clever and perceptive book.

Of Women and Salt, by Gabriela Garcia (Flatiron Books, 3/21). This novel begins in present day Miami. It’s a compelling book about three generations of women beginning in 19th century Cuba. It’s a story of migration and survival.

Whereabouts by Jhumpa Lahiri, (Knopf, 4/21). Another wonderful author that I’ve been waiting for a new book…A middle-aged woman living a lonely life in an unnamed Italian city. She lives a melancholy existence and often feels like an outsider in her own skin. Written in short chapters, this unusual book is a departure for Lahiri.

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