About BookSmart Kids

Welcoming your child to the world of reading…

BookSmart Kids is your source for advice, recommendations and insights on the hottest books for kids (newborn through early elementary school).  Of course, I’m an adult too who favors literary fiction — so I’ll frequently comment on books that strike my fancy, and hopefully yours.

Whether you’re building your children’s library, or want to know the latest about children’s book publishing, BookSmart Kids is your go-to blog.

As I move into life’s next chapter, I continue to offer “advice” on building and enhancing your child’s library.  I have been a children’s book consultant and book fair entrepreneur for more than thirty years, as well as a proud mom of two fabulous book smart kids — so I know quite a bit about what books ignite wonder and stimulate the joy of learning and reading.

This blog will focus on my favorite published works for toddlers through early elementary school, starting with board books, interactive, picture books, early readers and chapter books.

gnmoon   sleepy sheepy    caterpillar

curious george bath    goodnight-goodnight-construction-site

I will cultivate a list of what’s newest and most impressive in children’s books, and will include classics as well.

Children’s books are exciting in that they stoke the child’s imagination in every which way.

wildthings    lots-of-spots-9781442489271

v b spidercharlottes web

I will explore many genres including the best just-out picture books, and will bring to your attention unique books on manners and feelings, science and nature, history and bios, math, myths and tales, the arts, poetry, and sports.

Every week there are highly original books published.  I hope to enlighten you, and delight your children.


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2 thoughts on “About BookSmart Kids

  1. sewbeady

    This is a fabulous idea! Marcie has been advising me on great kids books since I started shopping for my niece and nephew in 1978. My son had a library of well over 2000 books, most purchased from and suggested by Marcie. He is an outstanding reader. Even though much of his life is communicated on line, he chooses actual books over e-books. Marcie is still advising me on books for my grand children, great niece and nephew and it goes on and on. I look forward to following this blog.
    Amy Creelman


  2. Susanne Woods

    Marcie has been advising me on books since our children were in elementary school. She has helped me pick out the best books for the kids and for me too!! I don’t know what I would do without Marcie’s insights and recommendations. She knows how to pick them. Susanne Woods



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